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Max, Betty, Twirl, Koko, And Molly (Deb Mangan) - Vanity Fur Magazine
Rescue Home & Away with Deb Mangan

Deb Mangan rescued two Kokoni’s from a shelter in Cyprus. The passing of her lovely mum saw Deb take on two Cockapoo’s and foster a dog from Romania that she couldn’t part with, brought the pack to five.

Five years ago, whilst on a walk Deb Mangan came across a lady with five small dogs who were all the same breed but a breed unknown to Deb, the lady explained they were rescue dogs from Cyprus and were called Kokoni’s.

Kokoni’s were only formally recognised by the breed standard in 2004 by the Greek Kennel Club. A small, loving dog that’s fiercely loyal and makes the perfect addition to any family.

Due to the lack of animal rights in Cyprus there are many on the streets and Deb knew she had to rescue a Kokoni as soon as she could. Unfortunately, the process is much harder and longer in England, so adopting from Cyprus was the perfect option.

After much research Deb found rescue centres all over Cyprus and began following on Instagram and Facebook. Every day abandoned dogs were posted after they were taken to the shelters. She submitted a few applications but was always beaten much to Deb’s dismay.

This did however alert Nicosia Dog Shelter in Cyprus to just how keen she was. It wasn’t long before Deb spotted Sara (now called Koko) a beautiful one year old who had been abandoned with her puppies, her heart melted and when she applied she was finally accepted.

Koko (Deb Mangan) - Vanity Fur Magazine

The shelter sent a nearby spokesperson to check that Deb’s home was suitable for the adoption. It was. The paperwork and travel would mean Koko would be with them in two weeks when they were due to be on a family holiday in the USA.

This meant that Koko went to a foster home for the interim period. Deb never stopped looking at the feeds, even on holiday. Another Kokoni, this time a puppy named Twirl came up and she knew immediately it was Koko’s puppy. Twirl was returned to foster care as she couldn’t settle in her new home. Deb applied for her too.

Deb Mangan with Koko and Twirl - Vanity Fur Magazine
Deb Mangan with Koko and Twirl

Her heart was full, both mother and daughter would be hers once she was back off her holiday, but this wasn’t the end of the story. Koko’s foster parent had become attached and wanted to adopt her fully, something the rescue shelter are very keen on. With a heavy heart Deb accepted Koko would be loved and cared for so had to let her go. Grateful to have Twirl but broken hearted over Koko she carried on with her holiday, after a few days the shelter contacted her again, this time with news that melted Deb’s heart.

The new owner of Koko, Paul, had heard Deb wanted to keep mother and daughter together so agreed to drive half way up the country to allow the dogs to meet. Most often a mother seperated from her pup will not accept them back. Paul did the journey several times to know for sure that the dogs wanted to be together.

They never forgot each other and have remained loyal and loving to each other ever since. Deb has her two gorgeous Kokoni’s, although she did change Sara’s name to Koko to avoid confusion with cousin and friends called Sarah! They now live their best life with Deb, her husband, three children along with three other dogs, two of which belonged to her mother, now sadly passed and the third, a gorgeous rescue pup from Romania. but we will tell you about them another time!

They are walked twice a day at the very least, including visits to the beach and local parks and they are of course loved with a passion by the whole family and rightly so – they are absolutely adorable! They are so loving and will happily be stroked and cuddled all day, they love their food, other dogs, people and treats.

Deb saved both of their lives and gave them the home all dogs deserve and we thank her for that. She has subsequently become a volunteer for the shelter and is one of the people who will inspect your home and suitability for adopting a pup, bringing joy and love to more abandoned dogs in Cyprus.

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Main blog image: Deb Mangan’s dogs (L-R) Max, Betty, Twirl, Koko, and Molly


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