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Maleki Burke & Blondie

I’m Maleki and I created Snootiful Hound alongside my Saluki mix, Blondie – the original Snootiful Hound.

This adventure began because I was looking for solutions to stop Blondies’ disappearing act (escaping her harness to chase squirrels).

Unhappy with the solutions on the market, I decided to create my own no escape harness designed specifically for sighthounds and their unique body shapes.

It has revolutionised both mine and Blondies’ life, and I want to share that with you. Every sighthound and their owner deserve the benefits this harness has brought into our lives, and so I felt compelled to put it out into the world; along with other products of the same Snootiful Hound quality tailor made for your sighthound.

Visit Snootiful Hound Website

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