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'Why Won't My Dog' Series | Katherine Moseley | Vanity Fur Magazine

Katherine Moseley

I strive for my dogs and my clients’ dogs to choose to make “good” decisions and work in partnership alongside us, and for both dog and handler to have fun doing things together. When a conflict of interest arises, it should be resolved with empathy, compromise, and trust.

I am a team with my dogs, so there’s a bit of give and take, built on a foundation of trust. They can achieve amazing things with their senses I will never be capable of, and I have priorities and responsibilities they will never truly understand. For example, not only do I not share their enthusiasm for eating poop, I also have a responsibility for their welfare. When I ask them to leave it, and they choose to comply, it is because they trust that I will be fair in my rewards and I thank them with a tasty treat. If that choice isn’t made, then sometimes I must still prevent the action.

So no, I don’t use aversive equipment or methods – there’s no place in my relationships for punishment. I don’t punish my human family when they don’t do something I want, so why would I punish my dog?

If you’d like a label – call me a reward-based dog-human relationship coach.

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