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Spring 2024


Welcome to the spring edition of Vanity Fur Magazine.

We begin with an exclusive interview with the one and only Clare Balding. As an avid dog lover and prominent figure in the world of broadcasting and sports, Clare enlightens us with her love for dogs through her book, Isle of Dogs.

In celebration of the last 20 years of Crufts with Clare as host, we take a moment to reflect on the evolution of this legendary dog show. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the most prestigious canine events in the world.

Taking a more serious turn, we address an essential topic – spaying. We present an in-depth feature exploring the advantages of spaying your furry companion, shedding light on the numerous benefits for both your dog’s health and the overall dog population.

Additionally, we explore the pros and cons of crating, offering an unbiased outlook on this widely debated topic within the dog community.

But the captivating content doesn’t stop there. In this edition, you’ll also find engaging articles, inspiring stories and so much more.

As always, we value your input and participation. We encourage you to share your stories, photos and experiences with us via our Real Life Stories page. Together, we can continue celebrating the incredible bond between humans and dogs, making this magazine a true reflection of our deep love and appreciation for our four-legged companions.


Inside this edition we look at:

  • Exclusive: Interview with Clare Balding
  • Crufts: Where every dog has its day
  • Canine First Aid with Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA
  • A Dog-Friendly Stay Steeped in History – The Golden Fleece in Thirsk
  • Crating: The Pros and Cons for Responsible Dog Owners
  • Children Around Dogs with Patricia McGrady
  • Dog-Friendly Break with Weekend Candy
  • No Dog Left Behind: One Man’s Mission to Save Neglected and Abandoned Dogs
  • The Greyhound: Grace and Elegance in a Dog
  • Unleashing the Healing Power of Herbs for your Canine Companion
  • In the World of Canine Elegance, Every Detail Matters… Food For Thought
  • CurlyJoCreation: Needle-I Say Any More?
  • A Guide To Spaying and the Behavioural Effects It Can Have
  • Taking Care of our Furry Friends: Nail Clipping
  • Making An Informed Decision: Poo Bags
  • Lady & The Tramp: What Does It Teach Us?
  • Clinical Canine Massage Therapy
  • Pack Your Bags… Get Ready! Jet-Set! Go! with Christine Chau
  • Doggy Warriors raise over £100,000
  • Giveaways and competitions


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