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PetsPyjamas Introduces Exciting New Dog-friendly Experiences: Yoga, Wellness, and Family-Friendly Retreats

Book your perfect dog-friendly holiday!

It’s not that long ago that finding a dog-friendly hotel was all but impossible and even finding a dog-tolerant one difficult. Co-founder Karen Hanton was especially perturbed a few years ago when checking into her hotel with her Parson Jack Russell, Wilson, only to find that he was expected to sleep in the car.

This experience is what spurred us on to make things better for our four-legged friends who really are 100% true members of the family, and love holidays just as much as we do. So we set out to create a world where dogs are welcomed every bit as much as their human companions, if not more so. And so PetsPyjamas was created!

It’s amazing just how much we have grown. PetsPyjamas now offers a huge variety of hotels and self-catered properties that genuinely welcome dogs, plus, we make sure your dogs stay free. We also offer a wealth of doggie extras to make them feel special  – from gourmet meals and treats to comfy beds and even spa treatments!

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