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Gilbert The Cockapoo's Tail-Wagging Triumph: Unveiling The Magic Of Holistic Pet Healing!
Gilbert the Cockapoo’s Tail-Wagging Triumph


Determined to speed up the recovery process, doting pet parents can sometimes feel helpless when it comes to caring for their companions, and despite searching for safe and easy solutions, finding ones that are vet-approved and price-appropriate can be extremely challenging.

In 2023, the family of three-year-old Gilbert, a black, bouncy cockapoo, noticed severe and unexpected limping. Upon taking him to the vets, Gilbert was found to be suffering from a slipped disc that was affecting the mid-lower spine regions, and consequently causing pain and pressure on the spinal cord and a potential to trigger more serious symptoms.

After a successful emergency operation, Gilbert was under strict instructions from the vet to rest and recover for four weeks. However, after hearing plenty of positive reviews about HeaLED Pets, an at-home LED device designed to restore health and wellbeing to pets, Gilbert’s family hoped it might help accelerate his recovery.

After using the HeaLED Coat routinely three times a day for just two weeks, they noticed a huge difference in Gilbert’s post-surgery recovery. Where the vet had instructed 4 weeks of recovery, the HeaLED Coat considerably managed Gilbert’s post-operative pain and discomfort, reduced scarring and sped up recovery in half the anticipated time!

Commenting on Gilbert’s exceptional recovery, Pet Parent Tony explained, “Our Gilbert is 3 years old and suffered an unexpected, slipped disc. As a healthy dog, we were extremely worried as he had to go for an emergency operation (which luckily went well). The vet gave us strict instructions to make sure he rested after the operation to help with the recovery. We did everything we could to help him post-op and decided to use the HeaLED Coat. We found that after a week of using it his limping was already reducing – amazing result!! I definitely think the coat had a positive impact on his recovery!”

Gilbert the Cockapoo's Tail-Wagging Triumph: Unveiling the Magic of Holistic Pet Healing!
HeaLED LED Pet Therapy Wrap priced from £69.99

HeaLED is the UK’s first wearable, at-home LED device designed to restore health and wellbeing to pets including those suffering from acute or chronic conditions caused by injury or disease.

Working with the body’s natural processes, HeaLED technology harnesses Red and Infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) to target specific cells in the body and prompt an array of recovery-related responses. Due to the differing wavelengths of Red and Infrared light, the LEDs penetrate the skin at different depths and enhance the release of energy from mitochondria cells through the body, therefore speeding up tissue repair, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation and overall healing time.

Endorsed by veterinarians, HeaLED is a clinically-proven safe and drug-free solution for those with pets in need of a little extra bit of love and care.

“I am impressed by the scientific approach of the HeaLED team and we have trialled the therapy Wraps and Coats on a number of patients. The majority of our clients have been so impressed that most have gone on to purchase them. It’s always great to find a safe and effective modality that clients can use at home in between vet visits.” Dr Siobhan Menzies BVM&S CCRP GPCERT [WVA&CP] MRCVS.

With a product range including the HeaLED LED Pet Therapy Wrap priced from £69.99 and ideal for small animals, as well as the larger HeaLED LED Pet Therapy Coat from £249.99, HeaLED ensures that every pet is provided for and is given a holistic, non-invasive opportunity to heal simply and successfully.

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