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Will Crufts Inspire A Nation Of Pescatarian Pets
Will Crufts inspire a nation of pescatarian pets?

Will Crufts inspire a nation of pescatarian pets?

A fish-rich diet is the secret to success for Crufts Best in Show 2023 winner Orca.  The champion Lagotto’s perfect muscular, skin and coat condition is a result of a sustainably sourced digestible protein diet high in essential oils and omega 3.

Of the 7.2 million British adults currently following a meat-free diet, pescatarians are the second biggest group1. They currently make up around 5% of the population, and this figure is expected to climb.  With 1 in 3 people owning a dog in the UK today a growing proportion are choosing meat-free alternatives for their pets too. 2

The aptly named Orca’s favourite flavour is Salmon.  Reflecting on Orca’s success, Crufts Champion Co-Owner Ante Lucin said: “Fish food is proven to give the best results for skin and coat care and dogs love to eat it. Orca loves food and is very motivated by her favourite fish treats during training.  Choosing a sustainable food source is very important for responsible breeders and trainers. That’s why I chose Fish4Dogs® for Orca.”

David Southey BSc Animal Nutritionist said: “Whilst most skin conditions are a reaction to environmental factors there has been an increase and awareness of food related skin problems. Dogs can be allergic or intolerant towards any ingredient but there are some foods that are more widely problematic beef, dairy and some grains being the main culprits.  It is also worth avoiding many of the chemical additives such as colourings or preservatives.”

Many canine skin conditions are caused by inflammation. EPA & DHA omega 3s found in Fish4Dogs food and treats are naturally anti-inflammatory, helping improve the condition of the skin by reducing irritation and improving the condition of the coat too.

Omega-3 is important for brain function, memory, and behaviour in dogs.  Reducing inflammation with omega 3 can also assist with mobility making tired, stiff, and aching joints more supple for dogs of all ages.

Fish oils promote the production of sebum, an oily waxy substance that lubricates. With increased levels of sebum, a dog’s skin becomes supple and hydrated and the hair is coated with a protective oily layer for a beautiful shine.

Fish4Pets, owners of the brand Fish4Dogs, pioneered fish food for dogs in 2004.  Due to the recognised benefits of a fish-rich diet the company has become an international industry success with 3 Finest Complete food flavours to choose from for dogs and cats, plus over 50 other complementary foods and treats made using fish as the only animal protein. For more information on why Fish4Pets champion fish visit Fish4Dogs

The four-year-old Lagotto Romangnolo from Croatia is the most winning dog in the history of the breed.  Winning more than 40 Bests in Show in Europe and the USA, she is the first Lagotto ever to win Best in Show at Crufts.

Ante continues: “Orca is probably the sweetest Lagotto I have ever met, enjoying life, and wagging her tail nonstop.  There is no person or dog that Orca doesn’t like.  She is the greatest possible ambassador for purebred dogs.

“Lagottos are wonderful dogs in every possible aspect, if bred by responsible breeders.  Healthy, happy, long living and they go well with children and other dogs.”

After winning the ultimate accolade, Best in Show at Crufts, Orca’s Co-Owners Ante Lucin and Sabina Zdunic Sinkovic are retiring Orca from shows.  She will now spend her days with her fellow dogs enjoying the large outdoor spaces in her hometown of Rijeka, Croatia, and hopefully have puppies.”

Javier Gonzalez Menicote with Orca Crufts 2023 Supreme Champion
Javier Gonzalez Menicote with Orca Crufts 2023 Supreme Champion


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