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Why You Should Consider Hiring A Pet Sitter For Your Next Trip
Why you should consider hiring a pet sitter for your next trip

It can be hard to leave your beloved pet behind when you go on holiday.

You may feel like you are abandoning them, but in reality they will be warm, fed and cared for, and it’s not always possible to take them with you on every trip. Nor should you necessarily automatically take them – not every pet likes being away from home and the comfort of their familiar things.

One way to ensure your pet’s comfort whilst you’re away is to get a pet sitter. This person will come and stay with your animal companion at home whilst you’re on holiday, catering to their every need and ensuring they get plenty of love and attention. They’ll follow the routine and feeding schedule you set out for them, and may even send you regular updates if you ask them too. Read on to find out more about why this can be a great option.

Why you should consider hiring a pet sitter for your next trip
“Don’t go without me” 🐾

Reduce stress and anxiety for your pet

Travelling can be demanding for your pet, even if they’ve usually got a calm, easy-going temperament. Even if you take all of their familiar items with you, including bedding and toys, you’re still asking them to get in a noisy car and then putting them in a new, strange place. Whilst you might love having them with you and sharing some amazing experiences together, it’s not always the best thing for their welfare.

Additionally, holidays tend to veer away from routine – that’s part of the joy of them. But for dogs in particular, routine is key to helping them feel settled. If they can’t predict what will happen next, they may feel anxious and unable to settle, leaving them exhausted and overwhelmed. In contrast, a pet sitter will be able to stick to your instructions and help your pet continue the routine that they are already used to.

Give your pet plenty of attention

If you put your pet into a kennels or cattery whilst you’re away, they’ll be well taken care of, but they may miss that extra fuss and attention that comes with having you around. A pet sitter will likely be someone who loves animals, so no matter what type of pet you have, you can be assured that they’ll get plenty of love and attention.

They may even love having a new friend to play with, and view it as a sort of mini-holiday themselves. Be sure to tell your pet sitter any particular games or toys they like, or favourite walking spots for dogs. Don’t fret though – they’ll still be delighted to see you when you walk back in the door.

Why you should consider hiring a pet sitter for your next trip
Give your dog their favourite toy so they don’t get too anxious.

Know that any issues will be taken care of

One key reason to choose a pet sitter over a kennels or other arrangement is that you can be assured they’ll sort out any issues, and keep you updated on the situation. It’s typical that pets tend to wait until they’re in the care of someone else until they get themselves into a scrape, but a pet sitter can be trusted to take your animal friend to the vet, or get them medicine when they’re sick. You can also feel comforted knowing that your pet is getting solo attention when they’re not feeling their best, and that they’re in their own home.

You know your pet best, and so you’ll be able to determine what is right for them. However, a pet sitter can be a great choice if you want a more personalised care service and regular updates on your beloved companion.

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