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The UK’s Most (and Least) Affordable Dog Breeds 2023
The UK’s most (and least) affordable dog breeds 2023

After a surge in pet ownership over lockdown and now we’re amid a cost of living crisis award winning pet insurance provider, The Insurance Emporium has ranked the 30 most popular dog breeds it insures from most affordable to least affordable.

  • Jack Russell Terriers are the most affordable dog breed to own in the UK*
  • British Bulldogs are the least affordable dog breed to own in the UK*
  • A Maltipoo is the most expensive breed to buy at £1,930
  • Pet ownership rose during the pandemic – with an extra 3.2 million households across the UK buying a pet from March 2020 to March 2021[1].

Brits owning Jack Russell Terriers can howl with joy as they’re crowned the most affordable while it’s the doghouse for those owning British Bulldogs as they’re rated the most expensive.

Using its own database*, the personal line insurance provider has rated its top 30 dog breeds against their cost to purchase, cost to insure, and the annual cost of dog food to give their overall rank of affordability.

Most affordable

Of the top 30 most popular dog breeds, Jack Russell Terriers came out on top as the most affordable, followed by the Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, and Chihuahua.

Least affordable

At the other end of the scale, British Bulldogs were the least affordable of the top 30 most popular breeds insured, followed by the American Bulldog,  German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and French Bulldog.

Francis Martin, CEO at The Insurance Emporium commented: “We are a nation of pet lovers and none more so than us all here at The Insurance Emporium. However, we’re also all too aware that pet ownership can also be a costly responsibility, especially in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.

Depending on what breed of dog you own, pet food on its own can be expensive while certain breeds are more prone to health conditions than others meaning insurance cover is often more expensive – it can all add up!”

Cheapest versus most expensive to buy

Outside of its top 30 most popular dog breeds, The Insurance Emporium also explored which breeds were the most and least expensive to buy.

# Top 5 most expensive breeds based on the pet purchase amount Average purchase amount Top 5 cheapest breeds based on the pet purchase amount Average purchase amount
1 Maltipoo £1,930.42 Greyhound £183.68
2 Bull Terrier Miniature £1,724.04 Lurcher £268.65
3 Chow Chow £1,713.05 Patterdale Terrier £387.93
4 British Bulldog £1,700.92 Jack Russell Terrier £446.27
5 Cavapoo £1,695.08 Parson Russell Terrier £450.69
The UK’s most least affordable dog breeds 2023 - The Maltipoo
The UK’s least affordable dog breeds 2023 – The Maltipoo

Martin continued: “Across the pet insurance market, we’ve heard more frequently that some owners have turned to self-insuring their pets. We understand with the cost-of-living crisis that forfeiting insurance to save money could seem appealing. However, insurance should be viewed as protecting the things you love and to put it simply – could save you thousands of pounds. Without it, you are financially responsible, and you will need to ensure you commit to saving a lot of money to protect yourself from emergencies.”

As of February 1st 2023, The Insurance Emporium were awarded 13 five-star Defaqto awards across its pet and equine insurance products; the highest possible rating. The same month they were also awarded 16 five-star awards from Moneyfacts across both cat and dog pet insurance products.

For further information on pet insurance, visit:

The table below is only to demonstrate which dog breeds work out cheaper to buy and look after versus which are more expensive. It does not reflect the whole cost of owning a dog, for example, routine vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, neutering (if the owner decides to do this), toys and treats, and holiday care if you go away.

What’s the most expensive versus least expensive dog to buy?

The UK’s most (and least) affordable dog breeds 2023
The UK’s most affordable dog breeds 2023 – The Jack Russell
Cost ranking Breed Average cost to buy Annual cost of pet insurance Pet food cost (annual) Total
1 Jack Russell Terrier £446.27 £56.89 £186.52 £689.68
2 Yorkshire Terrier £595.10 £74.09 £85.26 £754.45
3 Lhasa Apso £585.49 £65.60 £173.19 £824.28
4 Shih Tzu £622.13 £60.30 £149.21 £831.64
5 Chihuahua £752.74 £69.61 £59.95 £882.30
6 Bichon Frise £622.89 £117.27 £159.87 £900.03
7 Border Terrier £694.78 £85.52 £159.87 £940.17
8 West Highland Terrier £596.74 £100.06 £255.79 £952.59
9 Staffordshire Bull Terrier £544.05 £122.79 £373.03 £1,039.87
10 Whippet £605.35 £107.70 £333.06 £1,046.11
11 Greyhound £183.68 £122.76 £784.70 £1,091.14
12 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £883.75 £91.58 £181.19 £1,156.52
13 Beagle £655.55 £113.02 £399.68 £1,168.25
14 Pug £894.95 £143.24 £191.84 £1,230.03
15 Schnauzer Miniature £906.35 £94.19 £266.45 £1,266.99
16 Border Collie £477.22 £58.77 £732.74 £1,268.73
17 Cocker Spaniel £869.92 £61.51 £366.37 £1,297.80
18 Spaniel English Springer £605.55 £146.10 £546.22 £1,297.87
19 Husky £620.09 £107.17 £572.87 £1,300.13
20 Dachshund Miniature Smooth Hair £1,250.60 £113.54 £126.56 £1,490.70
21 Dalmatian £750.58 £128.13 £626.16 £1,504.87
22 Cockapoo £1,219.24 £71.35 £256.06 £1,546.65
23 Labrador Retriever £748.88 £68.22 £839.32 £1,656.42
24 German Shorthaired Pointer £940.75 £123.64 £692.77 £1,757.16
25 Hungarian Vizsla £1,141.33 £106.34 £666.13 £1,913.80
26 French Bulldog £1,389.85 £224.24 £313.08 £1,927.17
27 Golden Retriever £1,053.26 £122.86 £759.38 £1,935.50
28 German Shepherd £862.76 £142.12 £1,025.83 £2,030.71
29 American Bulldog £1,225.05 £218.26 £959.22 £2,402.53
30 British Bulldog £1,700.92 £261.54 £626.16 £2,588.62



About The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium is based in Thorpe Underwood, York and has over 90 years’ of experience in the insurance industry. During that time, it has helped bring certainty and security to many UK residents by protecting the things that really matter to them.

Customers benefit from comprehensive cover on insurance products such as pets, caravans, horses and trailers, camera equipment, and more. In short, The Insurance Emporium protects the things you love.

NB: Reports above are based on data obtained from The Insurance Emporium’s own database of live policies from 1/03/2022 to 28/02/2023. The breeds included are the 30 most popular breeds in the UK that The Insurance Emporium insures.

The annual cost to insure each breed according to our data (correct at the time of writing this: 18.05.23) – based on each breed being under 8 years of age, located in York, on a Time Limited Bronze Yearly policy with Illness & Accidents cover.

Pet food costs are based on the typical weight of the breed, feeding 2% of the bodyweight per day with a mid-range dry dog food costing £3.65 per kg.


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