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Pet Portraits
Pet portraits by Susie Hartley

Sculptor Susie Hartley skilfully captures the character of faithful friends with her charming 3-D pet portrait sculptures to create unique lasting tributes.

Having developed her own signature style of interpreting the human form, Susie has turned her talents to the animal world to produce bespoke commissioned portraits of much-loved pets.

Pet portraits by Susie Hartley Online

Working from a series of photographs, Susie also has lots of discussions with the client to find out more about the pet and discover any particular characteristics and traits that they would like to capture in the sculpture.

The finished pieces can be either glazed ceramic or bronze but all start off as a clay model which Susie works on over a number of days or even weeks to ensure a true likeness.
Before the sculpture is finished – either by firing in the kiln or casting in bronze – Susie liaises with the client to ensure they are entirely happy with their commission.


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