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Paws Of Solace: A Healing Ode To Nanny And Grandad
Paws of Solace: A Healing Ode to Nanny and Grandad

I became a Mommy to a beautiful chocolate Labrador puppy in September last year to help me cope with the deepest loss and profound grief after losing my precious Mom in July, and my wonderful Dad four years ago.

After the most horrendous six months of watching my Moms health decline so rapidly and her ultimate death, the distraction, joy and pleasure my new baby is bringing to us as a family is immense.

We named our baby girl Christie, which is a tribute to my beautiful parents as her name is made up of both of their names (My Mom being Chris and my Dad being Steve).

She is now seven months old and a complete delight, so I wanted to share my experience of the hardest loss after such heartbreaking times, but also the comfort, companionship and unconditional love that Christie has brought to us which is beyond immeasurable.  I truly believe that she chose us.

I have written a poem (from Christie’s point of view) to the Nanny and Grandad she never knew, but who would have simply adored her. The poem is about huge life changing loss but also life changing joy.


I never met you Nanny
But I’m here because of you
On the day you went to heaven
Part of Mommy went there too

I never knew you Grandad
But the same applies to you
You went away so suddenly
Like Grandads sometimes do

The whole world changed for Mommy
So she needed something new
Although I’ll help to heal her heart
I can’t replace you two

Mommy talks about you lots
And that’s when she gets sad
But after puppy cuddles
Things don’t seem quite so bad

I know I make her happy
As she tells me endlessly
I’ll help to make her smile again
Just wait and you will see

Mommy says I’m heaven sent
A precious gift from you
I promise to adore her
Just the way that you both knew

I’m such a little character
And I keep her on her toes
I’m loved right from my happy tail
Up to my button nose

I feel blessed to have three brothers
They’re the sweetest little boys
They smother me and care for me
And bring me squeaky toys

You were everything to Mommy
So my name became Christie
A little bit of both your names
Which makes you part of me

When you’re watching us from heaven
Please will you watch me too
You never got to meet me
But I’m here because of you

Written by Tina Patel
Real-Life Story contributor

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