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Pet Teezer, Pet Teezer Small Deshedding And Dog Grooming Brush Navy Sky Blue, £10,Pampered Dog Day
Make Every Day Pampered Dog Day with Pet Teezer

National Pet Month in April shines a spotlight on all things pet-related, but April 27th is the day dogs will really love, as it’s Pampered Dog Day. What better way for a pup to get pampered than a brush with PET TEEZER, the dog brush range from the creators of the life-changing detangling hairbrush brand TANGLE TEEZER.

Whether it’s a brush to detangle, de-shed or introduce a puppy to grooming, with the brilliance of Tangle Teezer powering every stoke, performance is guaranteed. But what dogs really love about Pet Teezer is the wonderful massage sensation it offers, which makes at home grooming with their favourite human a real treat.

Make Every Day Pampered Dog Day with Pet Teezer Online

Whatever a dog’s furcare needs, there’s a Pet Teezer to suit including the Pet Teezer Puppy Grooming Brush (£10). The perfect introduction to grooming, the Pet Teezer Puppy Brush delivers the gentlest of brush strokes with innovative soft-flex teeth, two-tiered teeth that glide through the fur to detangle, brush away skin flakes and encourage oil glands to develop without brush burns or irritation. The soft and gentle Puppy Brush is also great for pets with sensitive skin and for using on sensitive areas, such as behind the ears, beneath the tail and creases of legs.

The Pet Teezer Detangling Grooming Brush (£10 Small, £12 Standard) – with firmer teeth than the Puppy Brush, the longer teeth work to remove dirt, confidently reaching down to the undercoat, whilst the shorter teeth smooth and detangle the hair to protect against matting.

Pet Teezer De-Shedding Grooming Brush (£10 Small, £12 Standard) – great for both heavy and light shedders such as Pomeranians and Golden Retrievers, the De-Shedding Brush has stiffer teeth than the Detangling Brush. The longer teeth remove dirt whilst the shorter teeth pick up any loose hair and help to shed thick and thermal undercoats. The clever configuration of the teeth also means that the hair stays in the brush and not on the carpet!

Pet Teezer grooming brushes can be used in any direction and on both wet and dry coats, plus, the hollow shape of the brushes mean that they are super hygienic and easy to clean. All Pet Teezer brushes are easy and safe to use – even younger members of the family can groom the furry friend!

The Pet Teezer range is priced from £10 upwards, and is available at, Amazon, John Lewis and Pets At Home.


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