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Nylabone Creates A Gourmet Range For Discerning Dogs
Nylabone creates a gourmet range for Discerning Dogs

Nylabone creates a gourmet range for Discerning Dogs

 Gourmet Style is an exciting new range of chew toys from Nylabone that features visibly tasty morsels of flavour for the ultimate chewing experience.  Created using the Company’s iconic strong nylon material the new range combines delicious flavours which are roasted throughout for long-lasting chewing satisfaction.

Gourmet Style is available in both adult and puppy chewing categories and features three of Nylabone’s most popular distinctive flavours; chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. The adult chew toys have been created in the brand’s classic ergonomically designed wishbone shape that offers three different chewing ends, and their universally loved stick shape that realistically mimics the real thing but is both safer and cleaner. These are available in small and large sizes and priced from £7.99.

The puppy Gourmet Style chew toys come in three shapes; wishbone, stick and femur, each of which is infused with delicious flavour throughout. As with other Nylabone puppy chew toys these new additions are a great way to help develop positive chewing habits whilst aiding with teething and canine enrichment. They are available in small and medium sizes and priced from £7.99.

Visitors to Crufts 2023 will be amongst the first to be able to get their jaws around the new Gourmet Style range which will be available from the Paws Trading retail stand – number 172 located in Hall 5.

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