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Eco Friendly Product Wins New Pet Innovation Award At Pet Association Trade Show
New Eco Friendly Product Set to Take Pet Market By Storm from DotDotPet

Pet lifestyle and wellness brand DotDotPet win first ever new starter innovation award during the pet association trade show

DotDotPet are an innovative new pet and wellness brand based in the UK, the company values are; fun, pet first, eco-conscious and diversity. We will redefine pet parenting for the modern era by creating a brand and products the ever changing needs of modern pets.

DotDotPet launched in Sept 23 and already one of DotDotPet‘s products ‘Eco Towels’ has won an innovation award from the Pet Trade Association. The judges were impressed with the following features; fully biodegradable, cost effective, and strong branded. On top of their versatility and range of USPs offered to pet owners and pet professionals alike.

General Director Harry Chapman said ‘It is great to finally launch DotDotPet after months of hard work
behind the scenes getting the brand and products to meet our high standards. I am really proud of our company’s values & product range, all of which have distinctive USPs. We are looking to shake pet wellness and lifestyle categories by creating a truly memorable brand. This award for innovation for our Eco Towels is an amazing achievement and supports our commitment to bringing unique, high quality, products to the market.’

Eco Towels benefits:

  • 100% natural and biodegradable: Reduce CO2 footprint associated with washing and drying muddy dog towels after walks, swims or trips to the garden. Perfect for the British climate!
  • Highly Absorbent: Enjoy the power of superior absorption that leaves your pets dry and comfortable in no time; helping keep your car and home clean.
  • Versatile: Whether it’s for post-walk clean up, garden paw-drying, lining cat carriers, or maintaining small animal habitats, Eco Towels are your reliable all-in-one solution.
  • Compact & Portable: With their convenient size and lightweight design, these towels are perfect for all of life’s adventures with your furry companions.

DotDotPet are manufactures and suppliers of high quality pet wellness & lifestyle products. The launch range includes; Shampoos, Wellness treats, Accessories such as Bamboo Towels, and award winning Eco Towels.


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