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K9 JETS Takes Pet Travel to New Heights

Paw-some Adventures with K9 JETS: First-of-its-Kind Luxury Pet Charter for the Four-Legged Members of Your Family

Relocating to a new country or city can be a stressful experience, especially when you have four-legged family members to consider. Many pet owners are reluctant to put their cats and dogs in the cargo hold of commercial airlines due to safety concerns and horror stories of pets being lost, injured or worse.

That’s where K9 JETS comes in. The world’s first pay-per-seat private pet charter service, which has just launched and offers pet owners a stress-free unique travel experience that puts their canine friends first. With K9 JETS, pets are treated as valued members of the family, with no cages, no queues and the comfort and safety of flying in the cabin alongside their owners.

“Flying with pets can be a nerve-wracking experience for both pet owners and their beloved animals,” says Adam Golder, Co-Founder of K9 JETS. “Most commercial airlines require pets to travel in the cargo, which can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially for those who are older, require bespoke crates due to their size or have special needs. The hold is an unfamiliar environment with loud noises and strange smells which can cause fear and anxiety to animals. At K9 JETS, we believe pet family members deserve to travel in comfort and style alongside their owners.”

K9 JETS - Vilot & Winston with Christopher Mathews
K9 JETS – Vilot & Winston with Christopher Mathews

K9 JETS is committed to providing a one-of-a-kind travel experience that is both hassle-free and luxurious. For around the same price as a first-class ticket, pet owners can expect personalized attention and a VIP (very important pets) service. The K9 JETS team is trained to advise and handle all aspects of pet travel, including veterinary certificates and in-flight comfort and safety, ensuring that pet owners have an enjoyable and stress-free journey with their canine companions.

Jacqueline Chiplin, a recent satisfied pet owner, praised K9 JETS’ services, saying, “The Gulfstream provided comfortable seating, a relaxing atmosphere, and was surprisingly quiet! The service was top-notch and the flight attendant was super attentive as she glided past humans and over pets as they snoozed! Without a doubt, I would recommend them as the only way to fly!”

Heike Ritter from Germany also had a positive experience, saying, “The plane was perfect for us, and the staff were super nice and loved all the dogs we had with us (12 dogs in total!). If I ever have to do this again, there is no doubt I would fly with them again.”

K9 JETS currently offers routes between London and New Jersey, East and West Coast America, Paris and New Jersey, New Jersey and Lisbon with prices starting at £7,300 ($8,925), which includes one pet and taxes. They’re also looking to open up routes throughout Europe by the summer so that beloved pets don’t have to be left behind during family holiday time.

K9 JETS’ have pledged to offset the carbon produced on every flight their operators perform, which is automatically included in the seat price. The company works with Earth Hub, the trusted experts in carbon compliance and carbon reduction, who provide the calculations and support projects required to offset the carbon from each flight. In addition, K9 JETS will be making a generous donation to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the world after every flight, demonstrating the company’s commitment to both environmental and animal welfare causes.

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