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Heartwarming Tails: How Scout Defied The Odds And Became My Hero
Heartwarming Tails: How Scout Defied the Odds and Became My Hero

In a twist of fate that forever altered their lives, Tracey shared the extraordinary tale of Scout; a dog who defied the odds and, in doing so, became a cherished hero and beloved companion.

I didn’t know how much I needed Scout in my life until he crash landed into it and changed it forever.

Scout was abandoned on the streets as a puppy. He was eventually picked up and taken to a stray pound where he was scheduled for immediate euthanasia. Thought to be both deaf and blind, emaciated and suffering from mange and kennel cough, it was felt to be the kindest thing for him, after all, who would would a puppy with so many problems?

Due to the heroic efforts of three amazing rescue organisations who felt that Scout needed a chance, his life was saved and he was brought to safety. My husband and myself were lucky enough to adopt Scout a short time later.

Heartwarming Tails: How Scout Defied the Odds and Became My Hero

Although not deaf, Scout was severely sight restricted (now 100% blind). I had no previous experience of caring for a blind dog but all of my concerns and worries disappeared from the minute Scout came home.
Scout needed months of treatment to rid him of mange, spot on treatments to kill the mites, daily applications of a moisturising spray to help his skin to recover and a special diet to help him to gain weight and to improve his overall health.

We made a decision early on that we would resist the urge to wrap Scout up in cotton wool due to his disability, Scout was going to be given every opportunity to live as normal life as possible, to be able to experience all of the things a fully sighted dog would do and boy have we done that!

Heartwarming Tails: How Scout Defied the Odds and Became My Hero

Scout attended puppy training classes which he loved, he has progressed onto his Good Citizen Bronze Award which he passed with flying colours.

Scout has climbed mountains, has paddled in the sea and runs freely with all of his canine pals. We adapted  a variety of training methods to help Scout to feel confident when out and about and he has turned into a bit of an intrepid explorer.

Scout relies on me to be his eyes and to keep him safe, a promise I made to him when he was first adopted .
Scout and I have pledged to give back to society, to help those in need, in the same way that Scout needed help as a puppy.

Scout is a much-loved Therapy dog, spreading love and companionship wherever he goes and is also a fundraiser for one of the charities that helped to save his life. Before lockdown Scout attended fundraisers and meet and greets. Even during lockdown, Scout fronted an on-line photo show raising £500 for charity.
I suffer from anxiety and depression, stemming from the tragic loss of my first dog “Ruby” who died in my arms following an incident with another dog. I felt so much guilt that I couldn’t save her and also became fearful of walking our subsequent dogs, fearing the same would happen to them but Scout has made me face my fears, he needs me to be confident when out and about with him.

Heartwarming Tails: How Scout Defied the Odds and Became My Hero
Scout was 13 years old on the 31st October 2023 – a birthday that we didn’t think he would reach. We recently discovered that Scout was born with a hole in his heart. He had a heart murmur for many years but sadly it has progressed and two years ago it was confirmed that our precious boy has congestive heart failure. With medication, monitoring and a lovely cardiologist we are now two years post diagnosis. We were advised that two years was the maximum survival time so we know that we are very much on borrowed time

Being able to care for Scout is an absolute honour. He has taught me so much, how to see the best in every day, self-belief and living very much for the moment.

Scout is my world, my hero, and my best friend.

Written by Tracey Ison
Real-Life Story contributor

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