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Dog Fender Defense Collar | Vanity Fur Magazine
DogFender – The ultimate pet defence system

DogFender is a world first essential defence system that can be incorporated into dog collars, harnesses, jackets and clothing.

Our first product will be launched in April 2022 in the form of an everyday practical dog collar.


We have received positive interest from Government and Pet Care organisations such as:-

Police, Army, Veterinary practices, Pet insurance, K9 security with a wide range of followers from Pet organizations such as, Four Paws, Battersea Dogs Home, RSPCA, Petco, Dogs Trust, to name a few, including some of the largest pet distributors and retailers around the world.

Due to the high interest, we are now considering to implement the DogFender defence system into K9 jackets for commercial use and into full and half body harnesses as an option to our collars for domestic use.

A brief overview of the DogFender collar

Once the DogFender collar has been activated into a defence mode it will repel any size of dog aggression instantly including wild animals such as coyote, wolfs, dingo’s and jackals.

The DogFender collar will defend the pets most vulnerable areas such as the throat, head and shoulders, these are the quick kill points and the instinctive attacking arears of any dog-on-dog or wild animal attack.

So how does the DogFender collar work?

If you feel your dog maybe in danger, or if you’re uncomfortable with your pet’s surroundings

ie an approaching dog or animal, the owner or walker would simply press the defence button located on the remote-control unit.

The DogFender collar will be activated instantly into one of three defence levels to generate a static barrier circulating your pets’ most vulnerable areas.
Only, If the approaching animal attempts to attack your pets’ kill points: the throat, head and shoulders, it will make contact with one or more of the DogFender collars 44 defence contacts. (The defence contacts are the studs, equally spread along the length of the DogFender collar, giving 360-degree protection).

The DogFender collar will instantly release a controlled static pulse stimulant through two or more or the defence contacts, directly into the aggressor’s mouth, to be swiftly and safely repelled. No long-term ill effects will be given, apart from the aggressor’s ego deflated!

I must stress that only the aggressor will receive a stimulant and not the pet wearing the DogFender collar.

The advantages of using a DogFender defence system

  • The pet wearing the DogFender collar will be protected from an attack, possibly saving its life.
  • The owner or walker would not need to physically intervene, keeping all concerned at a safe distance, preventing human injury.
  • DogFender would eliminate long-term trauma, stress, and anxiety which can change the personality of a pet dramatically, possibly for the remainder of its life after experiencing a serious attack.
  • DogFender would eliminate, shock, overwhelming sadness, trauma, distress and grieving to owners.
  • Dogfender will prevent the attacking dog from being euthanized.
  • The attacking dog will not experience any long-term effects, but could help be deterred from attacking other dogs in the future.
  • The offending dog’s owner could avoid civil or criminal proceedings against him/ her or worse imprisoned for a maximum of 14 years.
  • DogFender could eliminate expensive court costs averaging between £85 and £650, kennel costs averaging between £1000 – 1500+ , compensation to fit the crime and distress caused, veterinary and /or hospital bills for injuries, disposal of euthanised pet, potential total costs between £5000 – 7000+
  • Although we understand some dog breeds are not suitable to roam freely off the lead, our research over a three year period has clearly shown keeping pets on a lead whilst on a walk can have a negative effect regarding their wellbeing and can have a big impact how our pets behave at home. Frustration, feeling agitated and unrestfulness are a few symptoms that can lead to behaviour problems.

DogFender has clearly shown a positive correction to this problem by giving confidence back to the owner or walker to allow their pet to roam naturally and freely off the lead, helping our pets and owners to enjoy a more natural outside experience, to give total fulfilment.

Enforcement after being found guilty of an offence

  • The owner or walker could be banned from owning dogs in the future.
  • If the offending animal is not destroyed, strict regulation and restrictions will have to be met.
  • Lead to be no longer than 1 meter.
  • The offending animal to be fully insured.
  • The offending animal to be muzzled in a certain type, at all times.
  • The offending animal to be ID chipped.

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