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Dive Into Sustainable Dog Products Made From Recycled Fishing Nets - Now With A NEW Bowl!
Dive into sustainable dog products made from recycled fishing nets – now with a NEW bowl!

Tangle Mission is the only pet brand which turns disused fishing nets into dog accessories.

New this month is the dog bowl (£29.99 including P&P).

The teal coloured, stylish bowl has a marble effect finish that brings to mind the ripples in the ocean and ties into the fishing nets used to make it. Due to the craft method of production the look of each product is unique.

The bowl is medium sized (holding almost 1l of doggy food heaven), so ideal for most breeds. It has a non-slip, weighted base which won’t budge at all so is perfect for the messiest of eaters! It’s also dishwasher safe.

Lead by example and choose a Tangle Mission dog lead (£39.99 including P&P) also made from recycled fishing nets. These leads come in a variety of colours and two widths making them perfect for all breeds. The soft cork handle has been hand-stitched and creates a super comfy grip. Rust proof metal and ghost fishing nets have been used to make this highly durable and stylish lead.

Ghost fishing nets are the hidden killers of our seas.

They have been lost, abandoned, or deliberately dumped and they account in some places for nearly half the plastic in the ocean. A whopping 640k tonnes of nets are discarded every single year. These nets carry on fishing for decades to come, entangling and killing all creatures in their path.

What makes ghost fishing nets so dreadful is exactly what makes Tangle Mission products great. They are tough, durable, waterproof, and pretty much indestructible and look pretty great too.

Elevate your four-legged friends’ mealtimes and walks this Christmas and give them a gift that’s meaningful for the ocean wildlife of the world.

Tangle is on a mission to rid the seas of ghost fishing nets for good and transform them into something stylish, useful, and durable for all dog lovers. They are on track to remove the same area of 500 tennis courts (137,800 sqm) worth of fishing nets by the end of this year.

For more info and to shop please visit the Tangle website.

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