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Jade Tremarco | Digital Content Editor | Vanity Fur Magazine Ltd.

Jade, the multi-passionate creative.

In 2012 things had to change for me. I was done with working for someone else and having a life that was dictated by Dolly’s hours (9-5). I wanted something more creative and I dreamed of being my own boss.

“I wanted to find a field in which I could be sure my freedom of thought would not be limited”
Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person

I was craving flexibility, time to travel, and an opportunity to determine a life that was more suited to the lifestyle I had created; being a musician and touring the UK with my band.

I joined the family business and learned all about graphic design and website design from my gorgeous mum, Diane. I was working in a very flexible environment but I still wasn’t my own boss, so in 2019 I created Hashtag.

I am a website designer specialising in WordPress website design and E-commerce websites. I work with other platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, Showit, Shopify, IONOS 1&1, Names, and Kartra, to name a few.

When Diane asked me to join forces for Vanity Fur Magazine, I couldn’t resist 🐶🐾

Growing up we had Alsatians, Jack Russells, Shorkies, and there were Rottweilers, Rough Collies, and Border Collies in the family too. I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire life.

We also owned Cockatoo’s, tropical fish, rabbits, hamsters, and I have a Maine Coon cat called Pico… but that’s for another time (feel free to ask me about it!).

Vanity Fur means family. It’s an extension of our passion and love for animals. We want people to feel that when they read our content – either digitally or in print. I really hope you love it just as much as we do.

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