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Canine First Aid Expert From Grotton Travels To Cyprus To Teach Life Saving Skills
Canine first aid expert from Grotton travels to Cyprus to teach life saving skills

A canine first aid expert from Grotton was invited to Cyprus this month, to teach life-saving skills to animal charities and pet parents.

Rachel Bean, who is a qualified veterinary nurse, visited Nicosia, where she delivered a sold out canine first aid course at the Dog Coach Cyprus facility.

The course, which Rachel also teaches at events in the UK, is designed to give learners the skills they need to react quickly and calmly in a crisis, which can range from a cut paw to a cardiac arrest.

As her usual stunt dog Chilli could not travel, Rachel was ably assisted on the day by adorable Rico, who helped her to demonstrate some of the lifesaving techniques.

Rachel, who has travelled the world teaching canine first aid, and also runs the Vet on Set business which operates out of Manchester’s Media City, said: “The Cyprus trip was wonderful and it was amazing to share my skills with people in a different country.

“The session actually sold out, and everyone was so keen to learn. Just like here Cyprus has plenty of dog lovers and pet parents, and everyone wanted to do the best they could for their pup.

“A big shout out to Rico too, who stood in for Chilli on the day. My dog Chilli usually helps me demonstrate some of the techniques, but Rico was an eager and comical stand in.”

Now that she is back in the UK, Rachel is back out on the road delivering the iPET Network qualification in canine first aid, as well as sessions for pet parents who do not need a qualification but want to learn more.

“The more people that know these skills the better, as you never know what is around the corner. Some of the people that have taken my courses have gone on to save their own pets’ lives, or the life of someone else’s pet. It’s really important stuff.” Said Rachel.

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