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Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact Of #DogsInYellow
Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact of #DogsInYellow

In a world where man’s best friend often faces challenges such as anxiety and fear, one woman’s mission is making a significant difference.

Sarah Jones, inspired by her own Cocker Spaniel Bella, has created a community that empowers anxious dog owners and a national awareness day, #DogsInYellow, now approaching its third birthday.

Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact of #DogsInYellow

Sarah’s journey began when she realised that many dogs, like Bella, were suffering from anxiety and needed a way to communicate their need for space. To address this issue, she designed yellow harnesses and leads with phrases like “anxious” and “keep away.” Alongside the products, Sarah established a community for anxious dog owners, now boasting 14,000 followers.

The impact of #DogsInYellow has been nothing short of remarkable. In a recent survey of 1,000 anxious dog owners, over 90% reported that wearing yellow made their walks more enjoyable. Furthermore, 32% felt confident enough to visit dog-friendly pubs and cafes again, showcasing the positive transformation in the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Sarah’s motivation for the awareness campaign stemmed from frustration – people acknowledged the idea of yellow as a signal for anxious dogs, but the meaning remained unclear. The campaign aimed to educate the public about the significance of the colour, fostering consideration among fellow dog walkers.

The survey revealed that 78% of anxious dog owners using yellow accessories felt more confident, calmer, and enjoyed their walks more. Sarah, now 57 from Berkshire, has not only improved the lives of countless dogs but also united a community of supportive owners.

The success of #DogsInYellow prompted Sarah to embark on a nationwide tour, bringing her and Bella to every corner of the UK. The tour consisted of impactful talks, seminars, and events, where Sarah shared her personal journey and Bella’s story. From bustling city centres to serene countryside retreats, the duo connected with dog owners, trainers, veterinarians, and the media, bridging the gap between understanding and misconception.

Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact of #DogsInYellow

In an exciting development, the “Dogs in Yellow” movement has joined forces with numerous dog festivals and events as partners, All About Dogs, Dogstival, North East Dog Festival and Edition Dog Live. This collaboration aims to raise awareness so that anxious dog owners can confidently bring their dogs to these events, overcoming challenges that may have previously hindered their participation. The festival teams are well-trained to recognise and respect the yellow indicators worn by #DogsInYellow. They understand the importance of providing the necessary support and space that these dogs may require, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure throughout the festival.

Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact of #DogsInYellow

Their story serves as a powerful reminder that compassion and innovation can transform adversity into inspiration. From Bella’s trembling paws to a nationwide movement, their journey showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring strength of the human-canine bond. Sarah’s legacy is not just her role as Bella’s owner but as an ambassador for empathy, unity, and positive change within the dog-loving community.

Anxious Dogs Finding Their Confidence: The Impact of #DogsInYellow

As the third birthday of #DogsInYellow approaches on 20th March, it serves as a celebration of the positive impact that a simple colour can have on the well-being and confidence of our four-legged friends.

Written by Sarah Jones

Winners of Theo Paphtis #SBS
Winners at the Animal Star Awards 2021 – Best Pet Related Business
Winners at the Global Business Awards 2021 – Best Pet Anxiety Awareness Products
Winner Influential Businesswoman Awards 2023 – Most Innovative Specialist Pet Accessories
Finalist in Pet Industry Federation PIF Awards 2023 for Marketing Campaign of the Year #dogsinyellow
Featured article in Woman & Home Magazine
Creator of national awareness day #dogsinyellow


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