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About Vanity Fur Magazine, a National, quarterly dog magazine for the self-confessed dog lover.

You will find us on the shelf at WH Smith, good newsagents and independents across the country.

We are a high-end, coffee table magazine that focuses on the owner, the dog, and their lifestyle.

We will cover every aspect of living with, rescuing and looking after our beautiful four-legged friends.

Helpful advice from professionals will sit alongside interesting features.

We hope you look forward to and enjoy every single issue.

Our readers

Vanity Fur readers will see a dog as an additional family member to have and to hold, for better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do they part.

They will demand a high-end publication with quality features and recommendations.

They will follow a traditional family lifestyle, with their dog as a working dog or pet.

They are intelligent, well-read people, who love to travel and explore the world with their best friend.

Our promise

In return, we will provide dog owners and potential dog owners with as much information, guidance, advice, knowledge, products, facts and, of course, images of beautiful dogs as we can.

We will also publish exclusive discounts and giveaways as often as we can.

We lean towards rescue dogs but are not exclusive to them and will have expert opinions on all matters of dog-related subjects.

We will always listen to feedback.

Meet the Team

Diane Tremarco | Editor In Chief | Vanity Fur Magazine Ltd.

Diane Tremarco

Editor in Chief
Ian Murphy | Head Of Sales | Vanity Fur Magazine Ltd.

Ian Murphy

Head of Sales
Jade Tremarco | Digital Content Editor | Vanity Fur Magazine Ltd.

Jade Tremarco

Digital Content Editor


Anna Webb

Anna Webb

Broadcaster / Nutrition & Behaviour Expert
Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson

Dog Friendly Breaks
Nigel Wallace

Nigel Wallace

Patricia McGrady

Patricia McGrady

Dog Behaviouralist
Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA

Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA

First Aider / Vet
Steph Allinson

Steph Allinson

Police Dog Files
Vannessa Jones

Vannessa Jones

Dog Walker

Digital Contributors

Anabella Ragno

Anabella Ragno

Argentinian Dog Lover
Giuseppe Bloom-Mangione | Muthapuppa | Vanity Fur Magazine
Hayley OKeeffe

Hayley OKeeffe

The Animal News Agency
Joe Nutkins | Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk | Vanity Fur Magazine

Joe Nutkins

Dog Training For Essex & Suffolk
'Why Won't My Dog' Series | Katherine Moseley | Vanity Fur Magazine

Katherine Moseley
Lisa Hannaby-Aird | Vanity Fur Magazine Contributor

Lisa Hannaby-Aird

Psychologist, Registered Associate Nutritionist, Published Author

Maleki Burke

Snootiful Hound
Tess Eagle-Swan And Kratu

Tess Eagle-Swan

Author and ambassador with her dog Kratu
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