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A Stroke Of Genius: Rescue Dogs Create Masterpieces In ‘The Paw-Trait Gallery’ Initiative
A Stroke of Genius: Rescue Dogs Create Masterpieces in ‘The Paw-Trait Gallery’ Initiative

Jerry Green Dog Rescue is thrilled to announce the launch of the Paw-Trait Gallery, an innovative fundraising campaign that sees the Jerry Green Dog Rescue team collaborating with their rescue dogs to create unique paintings. This creative initiative aims to raise vital funds for the rescue dogs’ food, shelter, and care, as well as offering fun and enrichment for the animals, staff, and community.

With dog welfare as a top priority for the charity, every step of the creative process is animal friendly, ensuring the safety and well-being of the dogs. The painting method will be done using paints on canvas, with a zip lock back acting as a barrier between the dog and the paints. Soft treats, such as peanut butter, are strategically placed on the opposite side of the zip-lock bag, allowing the dogs to create a variety of patterns on the canvas as they engage with the materials.

A Stroke of Genius: Rescue Dogs Create Masterpieces in ‘The Paw-Trait Gallery’ Initiative

The Paw-Trait Gallery presents an opportunity for supporters of art, and advocates for animal welfare to engage in an inspiring auction featuring original artworks created by the talented rescue dogs themselves. From 10 am on March 2nd to 5 pm on March 3rd, the public can join the online showcase of dog-friendly paintings hosted on Jerry Green Dog Rescue’s official Facebook page.

In the weeks running up to the event, you can expect to see behind the scenes footage on the Jerry Green social media channels, including videos of the dogs creating their masterpieces. Not only will the Jerry Green dogs experience fun through this activity, but dog owners within the community can seek inspiration and create their very own enrichment activity for their furry companions.

A Stroke of Genius: Rescue Dogs Create Masterpieces in ‘The Paw-Trait Gallery’ Initiative

Bethan Killelay, Community Fundraiser at Jerry Green Dog Rescue says “We are proud to launch the Paw-Trait Gallery, a campaign that not only supports our rescue dogs but celebrates their creativity and spirit. Each painting will tell a unique story and gives bidders an insight into the lives of our rescue dogs”.

Bidding for the Paw-trait Gallery artwork will be conducted on Facebook, where participants have the opportunity to engage by commenting under the painting they are interested in, with the highest bidder winning the artwork. Each artwork will be accompanied by a glimpse into the artist’s story, offering the community an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich history of Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

A Stroke of Genius: Rescue Dogs Create Masterpieces in ‘The Paw-Trait Gallery’ Initiative

Winning bidders will not only receive a one-of-a-kind piece of art but will also receive a heartfelt thank you letter from the dog artists themselves, making this auction a unique and personal initiative for all involved.

The quirky and unique nature of the fundraising activity, along with the community involvement makes the organisation hopeful that this initiative will be highly successful, and become a regular appearance in their annual calendar of fundraising activities.

Join the community as they unite to support the Paw-Trait Gallery and contribute to the well-being of rescue dogs in need. For additional information and to participate in the auction, visit the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Facebook Page.


Zoe Gummoe
Marketing Manager
Jerry Green Dog Rescue


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