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Tips For Keeping Your Pets Comfortable In A Flat Or Apartment
A-pawt-ment living: Tips For Keeping Your Pets Comfortable in A Flat Or Apartment

Tips For Keeping Your Pets Comfortable in A Flat Or Apartment

Whilst a lot of us would love to have big outdoor spaces for our animals, for many of us this simply isn’t a reality, especially in metropolitan areas where flats and apartments are the norm. However, living in a flat does not mean you can’t keep your pet healthy and happy.

“Living in a flat or apartment with a pet requires special consideration to ensure their comfort and well-being” says Dr Jo Myers, veterinarian on platform Vetster, “with some simple and easy tips, you can ensure your pet is as happy with apartment living as you are”.

Tips For Keeping Your Pets Comfortable in A Flat Or Apartment
Tips For Keeping Your Pets Comfortable in A Flat Or Apartment

Here are some tips to keep your pet comfortable in a flat:

  1. Exercise and mental stimulation: Make sure your pet gets regular exercise to burn off energy. Take them for walks, play interactive games, or provide toys that encourage mental stimulation. Look for nearby parks or dog-friendly areas where your pet can run and play.
  2. Create a cozy space: Designate a comfortable area for your pet within the flat. Set up a bed or blanket in a quiet corner where they can retreat to rest or relax. Consider using a crate or pet gate to create a safe space for them.
  3. Provide vertical spaces: Cats especially enjoy climbing and perching. Install cat shelves, cat trees, or window perches to give them vertical spaces to explore and observe their surroundings. This will also help them utilize the limited space effectively.
  4. Adequate litter box or outdoor access: If you have a cat, ensure you provide a clean and accessible litter box. Place it in a quiet area to maintain privacy. If you have a dog, establish a routine for outdoor bathroom breaks, either by taking them for regular walks or using a designated area if available.
  5. Temperature control: Ensure the temperature in your flat is comfortable for your pet. Avoid extreme temperatures by using fans, air conditioning, or heating as necessary. Monitor theirbehaviourand adjust the temperature accordingly.
  6. Noise reduction: Flats can sometimes be noisy, which can be stressful for pets. Minimize noise by using white noise machines, closing windows, or using soundproofing materials if needed. Providing a quiet space for your pet can help them feel more at ease.
  7. Seek professional advice: If you have concerns about your pet’s well-being in a flat, consult with a veterinarian, such as Vetster. They can provide tailored advice based on your pet’s specific needs and circumstances.

Dr Jo Myers, veterinarian at Vetster.


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