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Faux Fur Puppy Blanket from Suzy’s

West Yorkshire based luxury Dog Accessories Manufacturer Suzy’s have expanded their ever-growing range with the new Cupido Fur Puppy Blankets.

Adding a touch of regal class to their puppy blankets collection, the £125.00 Cupido is made from delightfully soft faux lynx fur, which brings a dash of glamour to your dogs surroundings.

The Cupido Puppy Blanket is designed to be completely machine washable, and comes with a heavy French cotton bottom, making it a versatile blanket that can be used both indoors and out. Available in two colour-ways with either a dark beige or grey canvas bottom, the contrasting faux fur also has two slightly different markings – both epitomising regal style and prestige.

This versatile fur blanket makes the perfect luxurious space for a dog to lie – and can be used either as a play mat or Settle Mat for dogs, or to add extra comfort when protecting the sofa, car, or an existing dog bed. It is manufactured in four sizes (XS, S, M and L) to fit a range of dog beds and pet crates – or alternatively get one of the larger sizes and let two or more of your pets snuggle up together.

As you would expect from Suzy’s ever-practical range of dog blankets, the Cupido is fully machine washable making it suitable for even the messiest pets, and its water-resistant design means it can even tolerate incontinent elderly pets or young puppies.
And as with all Suzy’s products, this blanket is finished with the standard gold coloured disc of authenticity, which are made in Italy to the highest spec to ensure they do not lose their shine or get scratched from washing or general wear and tear.

The Cupido Puppy Blanket is a sumptuous fur blanket which speaks of aristocratic grandeur for the ultimate indulged pet.



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