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Charley Chau Snuggle Bed Faroe

Luxury Snuggle Bed from Charley Chau

British luxury dog bedding company Charley Chau has launched a selection of cosy and comfy products that will also add a splash of style to the home.

Charley Chau’s Signature Snuggle Bed – the style of choice for dogs who love to burrow under blankets – has been given a new look for the season in Faroe, in a choice of three sizes and three gorgeous colourways, Jade, Pebble and Nimbus Grey.

With its heavyweight feel and woven, wool-like texture, the beautiful upholstery Faroe fabric makes the Snuggle Bed feel even warmer and comforting, making it brilliant for the colder weather. So, even if their human is not around to tuck them in, dogs can hunker down for a snooze in this cosy snuggle burrow.

Designed and made with the obsessive attention detail that devotees of Charley Chau have come to expect from their favourite dog bed company, the new Snuggle Bed in Faroe has a deep-filled luxury mattress in the base, constructed like a sofa seat cushion with wall panels inside to prevent the fibre from moving around. It mean that a dog will never have to put up with unwelcome lumps and bumps, even after machine washing the mattress. Faroe is also robust and features built-in Fibreguard stain resistant technology, so it’s dream to spot clean in between washes.

Priced from £100, the bed is fully machine washable and Charley Chau Waterproof Bed Liners are available to help maintain a hygienically clean dog bed for longer. Spare Snuggle Bed Covers also make wash days easier and provide owners the option to refresh the style of the bed in a different shade or fabric finish.

Charley Chau has been at the forefront of luxury dog bedding design worldwide for more than a decade, with happy customers in over sixty countries around the world. Proud supporters of British manufacturing, the company offers a collection of more than 20 uniquely styled dog beds and blankets in a beautiful selection of fabrics and styles to suit even the most discerning of hounds and their human owners. At the heart of Charley Chau’s collection is supreme canine comfort, gorgeous styling and exceptional quality. Charley Chau bedding is designed to be as practical as it is gorgeous with machine washable everything, removable covers, waterproof liners, and replacement spares.

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